Hartmut Wöhlbier & Philipp Eibach

Asymptote is a series statuary art which describe the convergence of technology and aesthetics. Being most clear and reduced physical phenomena are staged in an esthetic way. Simple transformations of energy obtain dramaturgy and become stories of tangible protagonists.
"The Asymptoten-machines are conceived like a hybrid clockwork: periodical, mechanical impulses transform electric energy and trigger optical and acoustical reactions of the machine. These reactions are simular to the results of complex computing processes. Like artificially generated organic shapes and objects or simulations to show scientific, social or economic behavior.

De facto the experimental setups deal with themself. The 'Asymptoten-machines' imitate a simulation. The internal cycles do not calculate forms, they simply produce them. In an inner monologue the machines create reactions and states, which are irreproducible and neither recordable nor to be analysed or interpreted, as one is used to with digital processes. Instead they show an electrical autism refusing any utilization, interconnection or repeatability, and it becomes even more obvious how they retract to their aesthetic expression."
– Marius Schmidt
Asymptote 01 – 03 were exhibited in February 2014 at PHYSICA
in Berlin togehter with works from FELD.